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Residenza Tuscania Guadalupe Cebu

Real estate in Cebu

On a website that derives its name from Tuscania subdivision in CdO of course information about Residenza Tuscania Guadalupe Cebu should not be missed as Tuscania Cagayan is modeled after Residenza Tuscania Guadalupe Cebu.

About Residenza Tuscania Guadalupe Cebu

Residenza Tuscania Cebu is tucked amidst the nice hills of Guadalupe in Cebu City. It is designed with charm and simplicity derived from the region Tuscany in Italy. It is a place of inspiration with sturdy and feather like Cypress trees and uses a color palette that meets the eye of those who step into the subdivision. It has a clean and unpolluted surrounding. From the brown of the earth brown to the green of the foliage it breathes with a healthy atmoshpher. Residenza Tuscania Cebu is has a stunning swimming pool that overlooks the area. You can check the three model units for the Italian charm of the subdivision. Many houses have carved walls beneath nice layers of stucco. The houses are arranged to create perfect privacy for the residents. At the same time there are opportunities for warm and friendly relations with your neighbours.

Named after regions in Tuscany

These houses are named after some of the cities in that Italian countryside: Senesi, Arrezo and Montalcino. See the map below how the subdivision is organized:

Map of Residenza Tuscania Cebu


We are still not sure why the subdivision is more related to Guadalupe than to Cebu as Google suggests 'residenza tuscania guadalupe' and not 'residenza tuscania cebu' which we used first as title. Probably it is the official name, although we could not find an official website.

Anyhow, it seems Guadalupe is a barangay in Cebu, although of course we first had the Caribean island Guadalupe in mind.


Residenza Tuscania Guadalupe Cebu is a development of Exceland Inc..